Omar Alamrani

UX/UI Designer based in Silicon Valley


Selected Projects 

As a UX designer, I try my best to make sure the design
decisions are results of a human-centered process.
Humanizing The Shopping Experience Using Augmented Reality (AR)
Select, try and shop with more confidence 
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I was also an architect. Well, I still am.

I did some cool stuff when I was an Architectural Engineering student. From researching to drafting to final renderings, these projects shaped my understanding of the design world. I can’t count how many times my architectural background made me a versatile team player.


Hi, I'm Omar

As a user experience designer, it’s my mission to create an intuitive and delightful user experience in every step of the user’s journey. By constantly challenging myself in my design work, I keep up-to-date with new skills and technologies in interface design.

My past experience as an architect helped me in making the transition into UX Design. Both roles focus on designing an experience for the user. Architecture is in the physical world while UX Design is in the digital world. However, I realized that continuing as an architect meant I would have little opportunity to directly engage with users. For this reason, I realized that User Experience Design is something I can truly enjoy as a long-life career.

My strongest skill is User Interface Design, making the design intuitive and easy to learn for first time users. While I'm open to new opportunities, my past experience makes me a strong fit for UX Design role in e-commerce, branding & strategy or construction technology / transportation. More recently, I’m excited to see where design overlaps with new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

You can view my resume here.

Things I enjoy…

User Interface

Using the set of visual design tools, along with my past experiences as a graphic designer and an architect. I specialize in consumer products that distill complex data into simple, beautiful and useful visualizations. 


Nothing is more impressive and effective than the feedback I get from users when they interact with the prototype I designed 

Interaction Design

I enjoy designing products that are easy to interact with and enable the user to achieve their objectives in the best way possible.

The Process


Applying the double diamond technique to all my UX design sprints. I believe that research and usability testings are the keys to delivering a successful product for the user. Starting with the initial sketches to MVP prototypes, my process involves developing the best solution to identified pain points through an iterative approach.


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