Product Designer at Quedo.

Currently, designing a mobile app that manages administrative tasks for pharmacy and clinic patients at Quedo. Previously, UX Designer at Yoobe. With 3+ years of experience in interaction, visual design, and prototyping. I turn Pixels into enjoyable and effective Experiences for People.

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Omar Alamrani

Selected Projects 

As a UX designer, I try my best to make sure the design
decisions are results of a human-centered process.

City and County of San Francisco (CAP)

Empowering the Community Ambassadors with an efficient mobile system for their daily tasks.

User Experience | Prototyping | Research

Bay Alarm Medical​

A platform that notifies the senior's care circle about their health condition in real-time and enriches connection with them.

User Interface | Usability Testing | Research

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Design Explorations

A collection of my design explorations

User Interface | Interaction Design | Prototyping

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Hi, I'm Omar

A dedicated, detail-oriented designer specializing in interaction, visual design,

and prototyping.

Currently, I’m designing a healthcare digital experience that engages the patients and drives operational efficiency for health institutes. Based on data and research, I transfer the power of design into actions that save patients a lot of frustration, confusion, and wasting of time when visiting a clinic or a pharmacy.

Most recently, I was a UX Designer at Yoobe, a platform that connects influencers with fans to sell customized products by fans for fans. I engaged in conversations with the influencers to help them brand their products and create artworks to launch their stores on the platform.


Why UX Design?

Transitioning from Architecture to UX Design was easier than I had imagined! It turned out that the UX way of thinking was always involved every step of the way while studying and working as an architect. Although I had to use some new tools, the underlying concepts of both fields were the same. From research to documentation to implementation. 

However, I realized that continuing as an architect meant I would have little opportunity to engage directly with users. Engaging with the users and measuring their interactions with the product are essential for gauging product success. This method gives us the ability to improve the product before the final delivery. User Experience Design is something I can truly enjoy as a long-life career. I thrive in interaction design, visual design, and prototyping, especially when I am designing in the e-commerce, social media, branding, or transportation technology space, and am always looking for my next project!

Feel Free to Reach Out!

When I’m not designing products, you can find me horseback riding, hiking or playing ping-pong. I’m always excited to meet new people to chat about new technologies and how they overlap with design such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email at

I was featured in

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I was also an architect. Well, I still am.

I did some cool stuff when I was an Architectural Engineering student. From researching to drafting to final renderings, these projects shaped my understanding of the design world. I can’t count how many times my architectural background made me a versatile team player.

Alshami Villa
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Living Room (Interiors)
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Trade Tower (3D Model)
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